Outdoor Activities at Seki Cottages

If you need a break from relaxing at the pool or lounging in the gazebo, the following are some of the things that our guests love to do at Seki Cottages

Mountain Biking

We have bikes available to our guests to bike to the beach or to explore the area. Please let us know in advance if you intending to use them. As the number of bikes are limited, we offer them on a daily basis and advise you to tell us as early as possible if and when you want to use them.


Get immersed in the diverse natural surrounding of Seki during long walks and hikes. There are a number of different trails that lead you through impressive pine forests up the mountains. We will be able to advise you on different routes and trails.


Seki is the perfect place for nature-lovers. Explore the native Mediterranean vegetation, wild flowers, plants and fruits. You can find a diversity of wild herbs like oregano, marjoram and sage and some edible fruits and berries throughout the garden and the surrounding forests.

Beach Activities

One of the longest sand-beaches of South Turkey is only a short car or bike-ride away from Seki Cottages. Long walks on the beach, water-based recreation, scuba diving and boating trips are just a few ways to enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean.

Natural Springs

One of the most unique experiences, at Seki you have the opportunity to visit and swim in natural creeks that carry cool spring water from Taurus mountain-glaciers, all year round. The closest creek is only a 15 minute hike from the cottages.

Secret Sights

Explore with the guidance of locals some of the ancient sites surrounding the village that are still secret. A secret byzantine cave church, only known to locals, awaits only a 45 minute hike from the cottages. With your help we may be able to make this unique historic site known to a wider audience.

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