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28 Mar

Best Brunch in Manavgat @ Aunt Habibe

One of the perks of vacationing in the Antalya-Side area, is the possibility of having one of the best brunch experiences in Turkey. If you are interested in local cuisines, do not miss out on this experience. There are many places that offer a ‘serpme kahvaltı’ – a ‘laid on the table’ breakfast, where a variety of dishes will be served. This article is about our favorite place near the Manavgat Waterfalls, Habibe Teyze.

Situated underneath orange and olive trees, Habibe Teyze’s breakfast place has become the go-to brunch place for many families living in the Manavgat area. Habibe Teyze’s is actually very emblematic for the economic and social change that has happened in Manavgat. Only ten years ago you could hardly find families going to lunch or dinner, let alone brunch. Time outside of work was spend with the family at home or at a relatives home. Restaurants served one of two purposes: a quick stomach filler lunch for working folk, or as a drinking place for men trying to escape the confines of their home. Wives and children had no part in either. Then the money came, and quickly after that mores and habits changed. With an increase of per capita income, the willingness to spend that income increased as well. So keep in mind, Habibe Teyze’s may feel like a traditional eatery, but it is very much a product of the new Manavgat.

For several years now, Habibe’s place is our favorite. We love to invite guests here, it always feels like a real event, with the authenticity of its location, the warmth of the owners and the quality of the food.

We prefer to visit Habibe’s place during the week, when it is not packed, as on weekends, we usually have to wait longer for the breakfast to be served. For me, part of the allure of Habibe is that I do not have to choose among a variety of breakfasts. There is only one breakfast, you only have to decide on the filling of the Gozleme (Turkish savory pancakes) and if you want to have fresh orange juice or not.

Soon after ordering plate on plate of cheese, olives, salads, jams and local specialties like pumpkin marmalade or grilled aubergine salad are stacking up on the table. The tea arrives, the fried eggs arrive, the Gozleme with mixed fillings we ordered arrives, the local specialty fried bread ‘Pişi’ (Pishi) arrives. Eating this breakfast is a serious matter, it requires a lot of endurance and stamina. I usually feel like I am entering a boxing fight, round after round I try to wipe out my delicious opponents, but in the end I always have to surrender to their quantity.

Usually we pay around 20 TL per person, depending on the extra beverages we ordered. A tip is not required in Turkey, but it is always appreciated. We usually leave around 10%.

Habibe Teyze’nin Yeri
Address: Nardibi Mh., 07600 Manavgat/Antalya

Opening Hours 7am – 9pm daily

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