Local events and attractions

Seki is ideal for visitors who want to go on small tours to explore the historically rich region of Antalya in Turkey. Throughout the summer months the ancient theaters of Side and Aspendos continually house concerts, operas, theater plays and other cultural events. The following are some notable events this year:

  • Starting April: Botanical Expo 2016
  • July: Antalya Jazz Festival
  • August/September: Aspendos Ballet and Opera Festival
  • August/September: Side Culture and Art Festival
  • August/September: Alanya Jazz Days
  • November: Antalya Piano Festival

Historical Attractions in South Turkey

South Turkey has been home to a plethora of cultures of the centuries. The diverse archaeological sites bear witness to this rich history. At the same time, the region impresses with breathtaking natural sites like the Karainn cave and the Altinbesik cave and numerous waterfalls. The following are just a selection of the most famous sites, for more inspiration for your trip, please check our blog.

Ancient City of Aspendos

The ancient city of Aspendos is located 47 km to the east of Antalya, and 32 km from Seki. Its impressive ancient theater is still used for performances today. Get a glimpse of what it was like to visit a dramatic performance in Roman times.

Visiting Hours 8 am – 7 pm (April-October); 8 am – 5 pm (November – March)

Entrance Fee 20 TL

Ancient City of Side

The sprawling ancient city of Side is located 70 km to the east of Antalya, and 17 km from Seki at the shores of the Mediterranean. It is a bustling city up to this day. With its ancient theater, the waterfront Apollon temple and its Archeological museum Side has much to offer and is well worth a visit. With its antique marina setting, Side is also a great place for dining out. Most parts of the city and the Apollon temple are accesible without charge at all hours.

Visiting Hours for the Side Amphiheater and Archeological Museum 8 am – 7 pm (April-October); 8 am – 5 pm (November – March)

Entrance Fee Side Amphiheater 20 TL

Entrance Fee Archeological Museum 10 TL

Castle of Alanya

Situated on a small rocky peninsula in the middle of the city of Alanya, the castle is an impressive example of Seljuq architecture. Build on remnants of earlier Byzantine era and Roman fortifications, the Alanya castle is on the tentative list for Unesco World Heritage Sites.

Visiting Hours 8 am – 7 pm (April-October); 8 am – 6.30 pm (November – March)

Entrance Fee 15/20 TL

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